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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  June 27, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: when you go through security at the airport air not allowed to bring a bottle of water but today a former security supervisor who used to work here at sfo faced federal charges for turning a blind eye at 50-pounds of cocaine went through his pri screener. this is as close to talking to joseph scott as we could. the former security cleaner at sfo pleaded guilty to receiving a bribe for a public official. the briber sentenced to four years last week. the u.s. attorney said, napier admitted he agreed to smuggle cocaine through security at sfo by paying joseph scott. napier agreed he participated in the scheme for several years and also smuggled marijuana. the big worry says kpix 5 security analyst and former fbi agent jeff harp, is that if the screener is willing to watch drugs go by, what else? >> rdx and some of these other
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materials used in explosives they look like cocaine a white powder. >> reporter: 7 bay area airports screeners face similar charges. >> i think we need to take a close look at how we're hiring tsa people, how they're screened, what kind of background investigations are done and all of this costs money. >> reporter: kianna clark was a tsa screener at oakland international airport. in a few days she starts a 21- month sentence for smuggling these suitcases filled with marijuana through security. in all, she allowed more than 200 pounds of marijuana to pass through her x-ray screener in carry-on bags. >> i don't believe this is an isolated incident at sfo or oakland. i think what will happen here is tsa is going to have to take a hard look at what they're doing across the country. >> reporter: the six screeners who work here at sfo and are facing charges work for a private company called covenant aviation security. they are contracted to do screening work at sfo.
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over at oakland international airport, those are actual tsa screeners. >> in terminators of the amount of money wasn't that much? >> reporter: we're only talking about $4,500 according to court documents and presumably after scott had received that money he would have had to split it with two other screeners. back to you. >> thank you. a new ultimatum for a bay area woman who has been breeding hundreds of exotic birds in her backyard. kpix 5's christin ayers was there as bay area law enforcement searched the castro valley property today. christin. >> reporter: veronica, animal control officers walked the grounds of this home along with the homeowner and her attorney today. they found hundreds of birds and tonight they are warning her if she doesn't get rid of most of them, she will have to face the consequences. >> probably one of the largest birds cases in the country. >> reporter: 500 being bred and
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sold out of this backyard. we told but it this month. neighbors upset over the sounds, smell and flies. >> a real nuisance. >> reporter: today code enforcement officials and animal control cited the woman of who owns the home and birds for code violations. when we spoke to her weeks ago, she was defiant. >> i prove to you that after next week i still have birds. >> reporter: but authorities say in the past few weeks, she has been cooperative, reducing her flock of parrots, mccaws and other ex-autistic birds down to 250. now she have a month to bring that number down to 50. the most allowed in this rural area. >> hopefully as we go forward in the next 30 days that will be down to 50. i think for the neighbors, the quality of life issues that should reduce the flies smells and excessive noise. >> reporter: it's not clear how
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she will get rid of them, sell them or give them to rescue. animal control said the birds are well fed and cared for. live in castro valley, christin ayers, kpix 5. the roundabout going nowhere fast. healdsburg hired a contractor to build a roundabout south of downtown about a year ago and it is still not done today. businesses are losing a fortune. emily turner reports. >> reporter: not only are many of them losing a fortune, some are going out of business altogether. in fact, i'm standing at the first casualty of that construction which is going on behind me. >> this is from cloverdale. this is a good ipa. >> reporter: it was a bar that exclusively served local beer and wine. but the chairs are up and kegs are dry thanks to a year of
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construction. >> i felt it started coming crashing down was late summer, early fall. i did notice a significant decrease in walkup traffic because of the safety concerns there is really no safe way for us pedestrians to get from downtown healdsburg down to the south end of town. >> reporter: the construction company was supposed to complete the work and roundabout by august this year and probably won't be done for another year and the businesses around are it feeling the effects. >> we had kind of a mass leaving and in 10 years i had not ever had that much empty space. and so it was a little scary. >> reporter: concord-based bay cities construction didn't return our calls. but healdsburg says the company blames wet weather for the delay. the city says it's poor staffing. today we only saw about 6 people despite the job's timeline. once it's complete, all agree
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it will be great. but the question is whether businesses can make it that long. >> they were able to meet the commitment of fall 2017, we were going to be able to limp through it and then reap the rewards because when it's done it's going to be beautiful but when they were told it was going to be at least 12 to 18 more months they couldn't take the losses anymore. >> we feel like this end of town is going to be a really great end of town when it gets done and we just need to just hang in there. >> reporter: this construction company could end up paying up to $1,000 a day each day that it goes beyond the august 30th deadline. but ultimately that fine won't be paid until the end of the construction project so once that roundabout and all the utilities are completed, at which point the city and the construction company will argue their points and come to an agreement on how much to pay back. >> emily, does this contractor have a history with the city? why did they pick 'em? >> reporter: they have never
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done any kind of work with the city of healdsburg before and they were picked by state law. it was out for bid and by california state law they are required the city is to choose the lowest bidder and this is the company with the lowest bid. >> one way or another you pay. emily turner thank you. let's get you back right now to our breaking news. a muni bus and truck collide in san francisco in the castro. kpix 5's joe vazquez just arrived at the scene. he has details. joe, what can you tell us? >> reporter: veronica, take a look. you can see all this activity. we are at castro and beaver right now. you can see that is a muni bus with its windshield shattered. right next to a truck from morris distributing carrying [ non-english language ] beer. so this happened within the hour here. and we understand there have been nine injuries reported by the fire department including both drivers.
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nine people went to the hospital. now, there are a lot more people on the bus. we understand they were evacuated safely. they were taken off the bus. here's video taken by somebody who posted it on social media. we understand a lot of people were taken off. they will be okay. police are interviewing them as witnesses as to what happened. what caused the crash? the truck was going northbound. you can see it has crossed the yellow median here. it's crossed the yellow line and, um, and it was cresting the hill just as the bus was coming up the hill so there could be a sight problem in that case. but clearly for some reason, the truck ended up crossing the yellow line and hitting this bus. we'll bring you more details as they become available. we'll stay on this breaking news. for now, we'll send it back to you. >> joe, what do you know about the people who -- who were involved in the accident? was there anybody on the sidewalk that was struck?
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>> reporter: no. we know that nobody on the sidewalk was hit. there were injuries on the bus for the most part and we know both drivers were hurt. you can see there that the windshields burst there for the truck. i don't see any window damage -- well, just a little bit of window damage on the front windshield of the truck. so it's not clear who the two worst injuries were. but we understand two people went to general hospital and that usually means it's a trauma center, it usually means the injuries were worse. we'll try to get more details. >> thank you. california just reached a deal to shut down the last coastal sand mine in the united states run by a company that is on a remote beach in marina in monterey county. "skydrone5" gives us this exclusive tour of the area where the company has been harvesting sand and selling it for profit for decades. the state lands commission says the operation is a primary contributor to beach erosion. and now to avoid a legal battle regulators reached an agreement
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for the company to extract less sand for three years and then shut down in 2020. the coastal commission votes on the deal july 13. new at 6:00, starting tomorrow ford is rolling into the bay area on two wheels. it's launching its new bike sharing business. kpix 5's simon perez found out it comes with drama. >> reporter: yeah. it does. there's some people who are not happy the owners of the companies that serving the people walking on fisherman's wharf here. we are talking about tourists. local bike rental companies are concerned that that new bikeshare program the one that starts tomorrow could put them out of business by pedaling away with their customers. >> bike rides! >> reporter: bike rental companies like to lock down out- of-towners. >> i'm from japan. >> france. >> las vegas. >> reporter: looking to see the san francisco sights. these are the folks who rent bikes for hours at a time but a
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new rental company threatens to throw a kink in the profit chain of the local rental companies. ford go bike plans to pull out the kick stands on 350 bikes tomorrow and wheel them out on city streets at eos, like these. thousands will be in the bay area by labor day. during six years of negotiations, go bike and the bike rental companies agreed on a plan. they would target the local users someone who wanted to get from one neighborhood to another or, say, someone who arrived at the caltrain station and needed a ride to get to work in the financial district while blazing saddles and the other bike rental companies might target the tourists getting off the cruise ship who wanted to rent a bike for a day and cruise up and down the embarcadero. but that all changed in the past couple of weeks when go bike offered this, a go pass. a three-hour ride to, quote, take in all the sights. the local rental company cried foul claiming it targeted the tourists they depend on. >> this would have pushed us out of business because it would have been impossible to compete with a company that's
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allowed free rent on city streets when we're paying retail rent for commercial space throughout the city. >> reporter: so in the last few days, after meetings with the mayor and supervisors, go bike agreed to get rid of that tourist-friendly option and stick to what it does best. >> so our commitment has been continue meeting with the bike rental companies and iron out the relationship but our commitment is to be a good partner and to continue the conversation. >> reporter: all the companies are pretty happy and optimistic that after the compromises they will be able to make money. go bike focusing on transportation. the rental companies focusing on recreation. in san francisco, i'm simon perez, kpix 5. a techie became famous for his antihomeless rant. well now he has a solution. turning cruise ship into a giant shelter. how he is joining forces with a former mayor to pull it off. >> a hungry bobcat on the produced in a bay area
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backyard. the video that has neighbors keeping an eye on their pets. >> the senate healthcare vote delayed, the emergency scramble in washington and how california senators are trying to kill the bill.
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now wants to help them. he's teamed up with a former a man once villified for a vicious rant about san francisco's homeless now wants to help them. he teamed up with a former
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mayor to provide some unusual housing. kpix 5's wilson walker says it could mean their ship has finally come in. >> the pipeline, the ground pipeline is plugged. and the answer is, then put it off on the dock. >> reporter: from his porch overlooking the bay former san francisco mayor art agnos has long seen a solution to the very expensive prospect of housing thousands of homeless in the city. >> and why not use a decommissioned military ship or eye rented cruise ship to put people in a far more sanitary place and get them off the streets of our city? >> i think it's the best solution the city has seen in over 30 years. >> reporter: also on board the nautical housing idea greg gotman startup ceo whose rant against the homeless made headlines around the world in 2013. >> i think people need to demand another president trump city. we're too used to this problem just being how it is.
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>> reporter: these days he advocates for more aggressive solutions. >> homelessness will only get solved by housing people outside the city or on a boat. >> reporter: but there are hurdles. for example, use a powered boat and you run into a fleet of maritime regulations. >> you know, you can use a barge. >> reporter: here's the thing with the barge. you have to have a place to park it. and after a while, a parked barge technically becomes bay fill and that requires the blessing of the bcdc, the state lands commission, the port authority, the coast guard. >> well, all these things have to be addressed but clearly, the bay is to be used for maritime uses and that's nothing more maritime than using a ship. >> reporter: it is an idea that the city has considered. >> we need to look at, you know, as many tools as we can come up with. >> reporter: while they haven't ruled it out, it is seen as a complicated approach but for advocates -- >> the city gets behind it, it's all easy. >> reporter: or as the former mayor puts it. >> it's a navigation center on water. >> san francisco did house a
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number of homeless people on a navy carrier on the days after the loma prieta earthquake. an measure measure that lasted a few weeks. after two years on the run, a homicide suspect in custody. it all started with a questionable credit card charge. at san rafael hotel over the weekend police were alerted to joseph darling when suspected credits card fraud was reported. a quick fingerprint check showed he was wanted in connection with the 2015 shooting death of a man in hayward. he was booked into the marin county jail on several charges including first-degree murder. firefighters in marin county mopping up after a grass fire broke out near kent lake just south of woodacre. the flames scorched about 38 acres. it was not burning near homes. no word on the cause. caution tapes around lake temescal in oakland warning people to stay out of the water and keep their pets out of the
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water, too. the reason a toxic blue-green algae bloom. officials say it is naturally occurring. but it is dangerous. it can make people sick and can kill animals that drink the water. lake temescal will stay closed as long as tests show unsafe levels of algae. >> the unfortunate things is so many people -- it's so hot out there and people want to go to the lake. >> exactly. >> one place that you can go and have a good time but temporarily, not that specific place because of the algae. it was gorgeous throughout the bay area today. temperatures running 5 degrees below average. it's odd time talking about 81 degrees being 5 degrees below average. concord normal 86. you're cooler than you should be and about 25 degrees cooler than last week. santa rosa your high today 80. livermore 76. san jose 74. fremont you hit 71 degrees. san francisco with the clouds rolling back in as we speak as evidenced by that live picture from oakland. your high today only 63 degrees. ironically were you closest to average. baseball tonight low cloud cover chilly breezy that's
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normal for this time of the year. rockies, giants, let's hope we beat them again tonight. so we have a ridge of high pressure which has moved. that's why temperatures dropped so much over the past couple of days. because the ridge moving to the south, winds always go clockwise around the ridge of high pressure in the northern hemisphere is now promoting an onshore flow. you felt the breeze today. you felt it was a cooler breeze coming from the ocean. we'll lose that breeze later on this week as this ridge builds back to the north limiting the ocean influence. so your headlights for the next couple of days, low cloud cover already returning tonight. it will be in your backyard by tomorrow morning even some coastal drizzle and overnight lows won't be as mild as the past several nights down to the low to mid-50s. san jose starting tomorrow off at 55 degrees. oakland 54. redwood city 54. and a foggy morning in pacifica with a low of 50 degrees. one more day then we'll stay cool to mild. temperatures running below average. that will be tomorrow. take a look at your highs. we'll still be above average or excuse me, below average inland even these 80s are a couple of
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degrees below what's normal livermore 84, fairfield 85. near the water worth about 20 degrees. oakland mid-60s. pacifica upper 60s. that's summer around here. mountain view 73, san jose 77, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. we'll see some warming later in the week but most of the warming being inland. as a matter of fact, by friday, we barely hit 60 at the beach. the hottest inland spots will hit 95. so a 34-degree temperature spread. we'll do that again on saturday. and temperatures moderate as we head toward the 4th of july. it is crazy. 4th of july is now the final day of the seven-day forecast. right now the weather is looking good maybe some low clouds near the water. we'll refine that over the next several days. back to you. >> hopefully not. >> oh. yeah. we'll look for it. shaking in the sierra, a swarm of small earthquakes rattle truckee. we look at the theory that all of california's melting snow could be making the ground move. >> the giants facing one of the best sluggers in baseball. his little brother plays for
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the san jose giants. and his son was drafted by the lakers. so why is dad drawing more attention? well, you'll see next.
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help from the minor leagues has been hard to come by...but if you look about 55 miles down south in san jose, you might been lookin' at big time future. the giants are on pace to lose 100 games. help from minors is hard to come by but if you look 55 miles down south in san jose you might be looking at big- time future and you just might recognize the name. rockies third baseman 0 for 4 last night against the giants. he hits a cycle against nine days ago. he has 21 home runs, 57 rbi and 81 career games against san francisco. giants are hopeful they can give the rockies a little taste of their own medicine sunday. arenado his younger brother is the first baseman for the san
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jose giants and was the team's offensive mvp last season. >> you're going to say younger brother is better than you are. he is better than a lot of people. but he pushed me to be the best i can. >> i don't know what it is but he just absolutely kills the giants. >> is there any reason for that? i mean, are you giving him scouting reports or -- what's up with that. >> i don't know. [ extremely difficult to understand ] >> i don't know what it is. i think it's knowledge. the confidence going in against the giants. [ indiscernible ] get back on track. confidence he has against the team or imagining that part of me wants to beat the giants because i'm involved somehow so that probably motivates him the most. >> brother coming to the stadium near you. bill russell got the lifetime achievement award from the nba last night. he was up on stage with some of the game's greatest big men and
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the 83-year-old had a message for them. >> i would kick your [ censored ] >> all of them, right? meanwhile, back in l.a., the big baller brand was on display at the staples center for the first time since the lakers picked lonzo ball in the draft. lonzo's dad lavar handed up during the family's appearance on wwe monday night raw. no one will ever confuse patriots head coach bill belichick for a fashion model but check out tom and giselle, belichick and his girlfriend on the cover of the nantucket magazine. this picture is even better. they got him to smile. >> good night, that is a huge fish! >> it wasn't much of a smile. here's a smile for you, veronica! >> oh. >> our first catch of the summer.
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danika erlich. that's a 22-pound halibut from tomales bay. her first time ever catching a halibut. you think you can do better? send us your fishing pictures to and i know a lot of you out there spent a a little bit of time on the water fishing. >> now it. >> send me your pictures. we'll put them on the air for you. great time of year. >> thank you. coming up, in our next half- hour, a live report on the setback for the senate healthcare plan. republicans forced to delay a vote. how california senators are moving to try to kill the bill. >> more than 100,000 bay area workers are getting a raise. but we found out there could be a downside to the pay bump. >> and is there a doctor on board? a mother gives birth in the middle of a flight. the special perk that her newborn gets for his timing.
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in the castro. last word.. at l kpix 5 news at 6:30 begins with a breaking news out of san francisco. this muni bus and a truck collide in the castro. now, last word, at least nine people were hurt about an hour
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ago at beaver an castro streets. a witness tweeted us video and you can see the front window of the bus is smashed to the number 24 bus crashed with that beer uc muni says there were six people on the bus including the driver. we are told everyone is awake and conscious and there were some superficial wounds but the injuries appear to be non-life- threatening. also at 6:30, the senate's plan to replace obama administration might be on life support. today republicans called off plans of the vote because of the 4th of july recess. weijia jang reports on the republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare. weijia jang. >> reporter: veronica he hosted several republican senators at the white house today after that delay in the vote which really buys gop senate leaders more time to revise the bill and persuade holdouts to come around. that's exactly what we saw in the house the only difference being in the senate there's a lot less wiggle room for
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republican opposition which seems to be growing every day. republican senators boarded buses headed for the white house after president trump summoned them to talk about healthcare. >> we're going to see what we can do. we're getting very close. but for the country, we have to have healthcare. and it can't be obamacare which is melting down. >> reporter: a growing number of gop senators opposes the healthcare bill as it's written. >> it's difficult for me to see how any tinkering is going to satisfy my fundamental and deep concerns. >> reporter: that forced majority leader mitch mcconnell to delay a vote he hoped to have this week. >> we are going to continue the discussions within our conference on the differences that we have. >> reporter: governors from both parties are also weighing in because many of their states expanded medicaid under obamacare. the republican plan would slash funding which provides coverage to poor and disabled people. >> if you don't have good
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healthcare if you are sick, you can't work. >> reporter: the nonpartisan congressional budget office projects 15 million people would be forced out of medicaid by 2026 resulting in a savings of $321 billion. senate democrats took to the capital steps to slam the gop plan. >> don't take healthcare away from people who need it most to give a tax break to those who need it least. >> reporter: there is no indication democrats and republicans will work together on a new bill. even though president trump expressed confidence in passing the bill, he also told republican senators if they can't get it done, it will just be something they don't like and that's okay saying it's something he understands very well. live on capitol hill, veronica? >> thank you. we are starting to lesh more about how the bill is going to be felt here in california. >> kpix 5's political reporter melissa caen with this part of
6:34 pm
the story. >> reporter: hey, guys. so, you know, california's politicians today put up a united front on this joint conference call with kamala harris, dianne feinstein and governor brown. now, all three were clear that they detest the senate healthcare bill. they were very clear. [ laughter ] >> and they painted a very grim future for california if it passes. now, according to feinstein, next year premiums would increase an average of $619. 3 to 4 million would lose insurance down the road and would have to find $24 billion to make up for lost federal funds. feinstein said it was the most indefensible bills she ever saw. >> can you believe what this does? for wealthy people who can afford whatever they want with respect to healthcare? and all these children five
6:35 pm
million of them that depend on medi-cal or there is no healthcare? my voice level goes up two octaves when i talk about it. >> senator harris said that the president can't just dismiss that congressional budget office report that says 22 million people will lose insurance. the head of the cbo keith hall was appointed by republicans. >> they are going to have to just get comfortable with the fact that sometimes people are calling balls and strikes and in this case it's a strikeout for this healthcare bill. >> all three of them took issue with the secrecy surrounding the senate bill saying this issue is too important to skip public hearings and expert testimony. >> so last night senator susan collins the maine republican said, i want to work with my gop and dem colleagues to fix flaws in the aca. now, feinstein, harris, are they saying they will reciprocate and work with the republicans? >> well, kind of. [ laughter ] >> not really.
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but they were clear that the current bill needs to die. they will not amend this current proposal. but once this bill is good and buried, they are willing to start over and work with "moderate republicans" on a new bill to help fix the current system one that even those democrats agree could use many changes. >> interesting. thank you. today governor brown signed a state's $125 billion budget. so here's some of the highlights. the state budget boosts k-12 and community college funding by $3 billion. it also includes some unrelated provisions such as creating rules for the recreational marijuana industry and changing the rules for removing lawmakers from office. republicans argue that democrats wanted the changes to help southern california senator josh newman who is facing a recall election. the budgetthe way takes effect july 1. more than 100,000 people who work in san jose are
6:37 pm
getting a raise this weekend. the minimum wage going up from $10.50 an hour to $12 an hour saturday. the san jose city council voted last fall to gradually increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2019. we spoke with a woman who works for minimum wage at her family's restaurant. she says this is a strain on the family business. so they are making adjustments. >> of course, it's a good feeling. i mean, who doesn't want to get paid more? we can try to work more instead of giving hours to other employees. >> 115,000 workers will be impact by the increase. on saturday minimum wage goes up in san francisco as well to $14 an hour. coming up, the very chosen counter with a bobcat that's on the prowl in one bay area neighborhood. >> a schoolyard game goes pro. a brand-new flag football league making its debut in san jose. and you might recognize some of the players.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee.
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visit to learn more. offices and corporations were
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among the victims of an international cyber attack today. data-scrambling software took over computers and demanded digital ransom. ukraine, russi hospitals, government operations and corporations got hit by cyber hackers. they wanted digital ransom. europe and russia hit hard earlier in the day but the hacking appears to have slowed down. still not clear who is behind it. pharmaceutical giant merck and the owner of food brands like nabisco hit here in the u.s. two hospitals in pennsylvania were also targeted. and they had to reschedule some surgeries. a major blow for google. the tech giant is facing a record $2.7 billion in fines for breaching european competition rules. the european commission accuses the bay area-based company of manipulating consumers by putting its own shopping service at the top of search results ahead of competitors. google says it disagrees with the fine and is considering an
6:41 pm
appeal. shares in google were down 2.5% on the news. a swarm of small earthquakes jolts the sierra. coming up, the theory that all the melting snow could be causing the earth to rattle. >> as sunny as it is for most of the bay area now it's always interesting to see a satellite- radar review. the pacific ocean is covered in cloud cover and it's beginning to push inland. how much cloud cover we see tonight? and how much heat we see in the seven-day forecast coming up.
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lounging on a tree limb... just feet away from an east bay home! kpix five's juliette goodrich shows us... this isn't th well, new video shows a bobcat in a tree in an east bay home. this is not the first time this cat has been spotted in same neighborhood. kpix 5's juliette goodrich reports. >> imagine spotting this in your backyard tree. a bobcat feasting on a squirrel. >> that's a squirrel. >> reporter: she immediately took this photo and video. the bobcat didn't budge from its perch while she was capturing these images. she says luckily a fence was separating her dog from where the bobcat was lounging.
6:45 pm
>> so it's quite scary and, you know, they do eat little dogs and cats. >> reporter: and this bobcat is no stranger to people in the area. it's been spotted on hole number 12 several times. >> just sit there and look at me. >> reporter: martin burke has seen it four or five times. >> i have gotten within 15 feet of him by surprise. he saw me and he went the other way. i don't know how many there are around here but i'm sure there are more than one. >> reporter: and this one sure didn't mind a backyard full of people watching as it lounged in a tree branch eating. >> we saw it several times in the last week. >> reporter: after all the homes back up to miles of hillside, where bobcats have found their own home sweet home. animal experts say the human attacks by bobcats are very rare but if you encounter one
6:46 pm
keep your distance and don't run, it may trigger a pursuit. make a lot of noise because typically, they will take off in the opposite direction. in clayton, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. if you do have bobcats in your area, experts say keep small pets inside at night. a new professional sport kicked off just minutes ago in san jose. pro flag football making its debut at avaya stadium. teams of 7 compete for 60 minutes on the 100-yard field. flags are high-tech now with tiny magnets attached that signal exactlier the refs should spot the ball giving players who would otherwise face retirement another chance to play in front of fans. >> this is an opportunity for athletes and those who want to get back into the game to showcase their abilities. >> the american flag football league is launching in san jose to test out the concept with a
6:47 pm
full nationwide tournament next year. a lot of rattled nerves near lake tahoe. more than two dozen quakes shook the region starting at 2 a.m. some scientists blame our snowy winter. >> i literally felt like a wave went under the bed and i sat straight up. >> reporter: tuesday morning's earthquake woke jessica up from a dead sleep. >> what in the heck is that! >> reporter: the shaking was even more alarming to this group of friends who was camping in the wilderness. >> it wasn't windy and i thought maybe my husband was shaking the tent. >> reporter: it was a shock to one bay area man who woke up to a rattling close set. >> i didn't think they were too common up here so i was more worried that something big happened in the bay. >> reporter: it wasn't based out of the bay area but up here in the sierra. a group of uc-berkeley seismologists are linking the heavy winter rain and snow to more seismic activity in the region. according to the experts the
6:48 pm
weight of the rain and snow could put pressure on the mountains as the water begins to run off and dry out, the earthquake's crust begins to flex triggering those quakes. >> the stress changes are just giving us that little bit of a push over the edge and makes these faults rupture earlier. >> reporter: christopher johnson is part of the research group at uc-berkeley that released the study a few weeks ago linking the wet weather to more quakes. johnson and his team looked at more than 3,000 earthquakes over nine years and found a pattern. exceptionally wet winters cause an uptick in smaller quakes. some experts aren't on board with the claim saying, quote, typically, the load of snow even in a banner year is not enough to trigger an earthquake swarm. we do worry that when dams are filled, an earthquake can be triggered. end quote. the rushing winter waters may be causing the sierra to rattle but one thing is crystal clear. >> we should have earthquakes.
6:49 pm
that's where we live. >> reporter: reporting in truckee, kpix 5. >> snow still at the top of the mountains there in truckee. low cloud cover is moving into the bay area. if you clouds before 7:00 in the area, it's a good sign that the rest of the bay is not that far behind and likely your backyard by midnight tonight and another cloudy start to your day tomorrow. 70 now in livermore and san jose. it's cooler in oakland down to 64. santa rosa 72. san francisco breezy 20 to 30 miles an hour at sfo. overnight 40s and 50s. losing about 20 seconds of daylight every day. still very pleasant with very long days for the foreseeable future. alameda county fair great place to take your kids sunshine tomorrow. morning cloud cover. warm in the afternoon. we'll make it up to 82 in pleasanton in the fairgrounds of alameda county. our ridge of high pressure is set to return. it was over the bay area last week then it moved then we
6:50 pm
cooled down. now it will return and we'll be less cool. not going to call it hot because we'll only see temperatures rise away from the water and it won't be nearly as hot as last week but this transition of the ridge getting closer will eliminate or limit that onshore flow beginning thursday. not tomorrow. you can see it play out in futurecast because as you lose the onshore flow that inland push of the cloud cover is not as strong. this is tomorrow morning. with the onshore throw still there. clouds all the way out to the tri-valley. clouds all the way out past the nut tree. in the afternoon you will get the sunshine. watch thursday. the low clouds don't push as far inland and they are gone retreating to the coast earlier. then by friday as that ridge makes a close pass minimal if any cloud cover in san francisco bay. so many different ways you can see the transition. one of course is the temperature. another one is the lack of morning cloud cover. we will get both over the next couple of days. and this ridge will make its closest pass on saturday. less ocean influence will mean widespread low to mid-90s away from the water. not the 100s but still five to
6:51 pm
seven degrees above average. one more day with below average temperatures. that's tomorrow. then we'll minimize that morning cloud cover and get warmer afternoons. that begins thursday. but most of the warming will be inland. we'll still stay chilly near the water. >> your extended forecast shows the 90s returning more widespread thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. but if you want to cool off just go near the water. we'll be in the mid- to upper 60s near the bay and we'll cool off next monday and tuesday. that's your kpix 5 forecast. ♪[ music ] coming up, 7 pounds, 35,000 feet in the sky that is. the baby makes his debut in the middle of a flight. now his mother is telling the
6:52 pm
story of the surprise delivery. >> and coming up tonight at 10:00 on nightbeat we are going to take a closer look at housing the homeless on a cruise ship. is it a good idea or is it a bad one? send me your thoughts on this by tweeting me at #veronicadlcruz. talk about making a grand entrance... a newborn baby makes his debut...
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6:55 pm
a newborn baby makes his debut... in the middle of a flight! the pregnant mom went into labor... soon after the plane took off fro talk about making a grand entrance. a newborn is born in the middle of the flight. the pregnant mother went into labor after the plane took off from florida. >> reporter: christina showed off the baby after they were released from the hospital in new orleans. their plane was diverted to the city after she gave birth four weeks ahead of schedule on a spirit airlines flight inside. >> i felt like something was not fine 15 minutes after take- off contractions every five minutes and they started coming regularly. >> reporter: a fellow passenger
6:56 pm
recorded the delivery which went very quickly. the spirit crew asked if any medical professionals were on board. a pediatrician came to help and nurse rhonda helped tie up the baby's umbilical cord. >> just caught him. >> reporter: she was traveling with her two preteen children from fort lauderdale to dallas on their way to arizona for vacation. >> it was scary and exciting at the same time. >> reporter: she says her husband, who didn't travel with the family, was relieved to hear the baby is okay but did tell his wife, i told you so. for traveling at 36 weeks. >> he told me you're pushing it. you're doing it last-minute. and but i was stubborn. >> reporter: spirit airlines gave the family gifts for the baby plus a special present, free flights for the next 21 years. >> everybody is okay. or news throughout the evening the latest is always on our website, news news ♪[ music ]
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how y'all? how y'all doing? i appreciate y'all. thank y'all. thank y'all, now. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000, from philly, p.a., it's the champs, it's the abraham family. [cheering and applause] and from honolulu, hawaii, it's the schaefer family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and
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somebody could drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] let's go meet the schaefer family. [cheering and applause] is it renee? renee: yes. steve: yeah. you got your little hair on half of it. i just-- renee: oh, i'm sorry. steve: that's ok. what do you do for a living, renee? renee: well, actually, steve, before we start, as you know, we're from hawaii, and in hawaii it's traditional to give your host a lei. so, steve, i was wondering... [laughter] do you want to get lei'd? [laughter and applause] steve: [indistinct]. [cheering and applause] renee: [indistinct] hug. steve: oh, get the hug? well...well. well, that's good, though. well, introduce everybody, renee. renee: well, this is the schaefer ohana. this is my awesome brother eric, my gorgeous little sister amber, my genius father ron, and my beautiful mother kathy on there


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